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Our competitors in these areas include Baidu.com, Inc. (“Sohu”), ifeng.com, Hexun, East Money, China Finance Online, PCAuto, Auto Home and PCOnline.

and other China-based private or public new media advertising companies…There issignificant competition among MVAS providers. In addition, the major operators in China, including China Mobile and China Unicom, have entered the business of content development.Citron suggests that investors and analysts — especially those who are quick to proclaim "Citron doesn't get it" — read this report with an open mind.The main criticism of the initial Citron report was that we did not understand Qihoo's business model and therefore we could not draw a comparative valuation to any other business. "In 20, we generated a substantial portion of our revenues from sales of third-party anti-virus software. Some analysts and commentators have been comparing Qihoo to Baidu. Baidu also operates a directory / portal (hao123.com), but it is such a small part of the business that they don't break out its revenues or costs separately.During the same trailing twelve months we are supposed to believe that Qihoo has grown their revenue 400%? none of their pre-eminent competitors even consider them competition. Yet in its own filings, BIDU describes their competition as:“not limited to Sina Corporation (or Sina), Tencent Holdings Ltd. (or Net Ease), and vertical sites, such as You Inc. (or Tudou), Ku6 Media CO., Ltd (or Ku6), Pacific Online Limited (or PConline), Sou Limited (or Sou Fun), China Real Estate Information Corporation (or CRIC), and Bitauto Holdings Limited (or Bit Auto). ), Microsoft Corporation (or Microsoft) and AOL Inc.In addition, we compete with operators of leading global websites and Internet service providers, including Yahoo! "Our competitors include existing or emerging PRC Internet portals as well as vertical websites competing in a specific niche such as automobile, finance and IT information.

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