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So let us calculate how many years have passed since today started for Brahma.

Step 1: For 6 Manvantaras we have 71x 6 = 426 Mahayugas Step 2: Then we have the gaps between each Manvantara which is 7 x 4 Yugas = 2.8 Maha Yugas Step 3: Then we have the current Mahayuga in our Manvantara which is 28th, we are in the last 1/10 of it (Remember Kaliyuga is the last of 4 yugas and spans 1/10 of a Mahayuga). So all put together we have 426 2.8 27.9 = 456.7 Mahayugas have been already spent in current day of Brahma.

This is one number which no modern theory can even come anywhere near to it.

As we saw earlier a day of Brahma has 2000 Maha Yugas (day night).

Here is the result of the research I did over the internet and dug up through some text material I had, to find the accurate meaning of time measurements specified in the vedas.So either modern science still has a long way to go in estimating the age of our universe OR the universe mentioned in vedas is the mother of all universes (a multiverse probably) including our own universe !!!More interesting: Vedas also say that the average human life span in each yuga is as follows: Kali Yuga = 100 Years Dwapara Yuga = 200 Years Treta Yuga = 300 Years Satya Yuga = 400 Years ! Vedas are also implying by this that humans are not limited to planet earth nor to this universe alone.Aquellos que se oponen a que la banca contribuya al sostenimiento de las pensiones son los mismos que han esquilmado la hucha del fondo de pensiones.Si el Estado rescató a la banca, la banca debe rescatar el Estado de Bienestar.

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Each day of brahma is called a Kalpa, and this itself is very huge a number.

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