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Regards, Reza Hi, Above creating packages is good but merge join and update process took lot of times in case of mine tables have atleast 15K rows at Source and same as dest.. I want fast way to execute thease package within 1 min is it posible?Please guide Hi Nilesh, There are other methods to do that, each method has pros and cons.The only consideration is that lookup only works with OLE DB Connection, but if you have other types of data sources, don't worry you can use Cache Component and Cache connection to bring them and load them into lookup.Regards, Reza Hi Reza, I need to develop a package that does the following ... Columns: PK DNI_Number int, name varchar (100), Last Name varchar (100). Columns: PK People ID int - identity-, DNI_Number int, name varchar (100), Last Name varchar (100).

Connect it to destination database, and write below statement in Component Properties tab’s SQLCommand property.

Hi, nice explanation am tried with your solution its working fine.

BUT am getting million of records after union all from different local dbs after that sorting and sending to merge join its blocking at sorting can you tell me any better way Hi Anudeep, the blocking part of your package as you've mentioned is Sort Transformation.

7- Go to Merge Join transformation editor, Department ID will be used as joining column (selected based on sort properties of previous components).

Note that if you don’t sort input columns of the merge join transformation then you cannot get into the editor of this transformation and you face the error regarding sorting of inputs.

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