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The great Jimmy Noise worked on this list and added a ton of information, and Nate De Mont of De Mont Guitars gave up just about everything he had for this project.

Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music filled in some missing pieces too.

was not a game, really, but a slyly disguised business proposition.

It promised a way to beat the odds with "sophisticated" computer analysis, and while this catalog advertisement doesn't explicitly mention anything as uncouth as sports betting in any way, shape or form, the selling price alone implies a certain you-scratch-my-back ethos.

Of course it’s a seemingly impossible task, so I did/do need help.

Many thanks need to go out to the main contributors to this list besides yours truly.

Whether intentional or not, the end result allowed the player to feel exploited as a woman and guilty as a man, likely disappointing its target demographic but reinforcing the emotional power of simple, text-based interactive fiction. Given the user's birth date, time and location in latitude and longitude, the program would compute where all of the heavenly bodies were at that moment in history, as defined by the standards of this age-old art of codswallop.

It might have been entertaining if it had been able to generate actual newspaper-style horoscopes, but 16K of cassette-based code wasn't about to pull that off; the TRS-80 struggled quite enough just doing the basic solar system calculations the exercise required.

A wacky and unique entry in the annals of early computer gaming, , a not-entirely-successful hybrid.

Soon, excited children will be eagerly waiting for Santa and their chance to discover the wondrous gifts that were left for them laying beneath the Christmas tree.

Yet there are many families who wish all the best for their children – twinkling lights, festive dinner dishes, wonderful presents – but are unable to provide those things for many reasons.

The houses are filled with festive decorations, happy twinkling lights and perhaps even Christmas trees that are dressed and gleaming with beauty.

Delicious savoury dishes and the sweet smell of cookies and cakes will be wafting through the house.

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Navigating an unfamiliar space, with no idea what might lie around the next corner, made for an engrossing experience despite the limited technology.

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