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The mission of southerners was therefore clear; they must defend the word of God against abolitionist infidels." Thomas Smyth, minister of 2nd Presbyterian Church of Charleston, S. The purchaser [of the slave] should carefully examine whether the slave who is put up for sale has been justly or unjustly deprived of his liberty, and that the vendor should do nothing which might endanger the life, virtue, or Catholic faith of the slave." Vatican statement, 1866 "I was at this time living, like so many Atheists or Antitheists, in a whirl of contradictions. And a sexual insanity will be unleashed into the Earth." Lou Engle, Christian visionary, in response to legalization of same-sex marriage in California in 2008 "Quantum healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level.

[...] a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie, such lies would not be against God, he would accept them." Martin Luther "...

In proving this subject justifiable by Scriptural authority [Luke ], its morality is also proved; for the Divine Law never sanctions immoral actions." Richard Furman, Baptist State Convention, letter to South Carolina Governor, 1822 "God is introduced to give dignity and emphasis ... It was this very atheistic Declaration [of Independence] which had inspired the 'higher law' doctrine of the radical antislavery men.

If the mischievous abolitionists had only followed the Bible instead of the godless Declaration, they would have been bound to acknowledge that human bondage was divinely ordained. is not at all contrary to the natural and divine law... I was equally angry with Him for creating a world." C. Lewis, famous Christian apologist and former atheist "The Myth of the Inquisition is just that: phony, made up, bogus." Gerard Bradley, Notre Dame Law School Professor, in "One Cheer for the Inquisitions" on "Without God there would be no freedom to believe what you want." Judge Roy Moore, Alabama "It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ." Bill Donohue, Catholic League President, about a smuggled communion wafer "What happened to California will release a spirit that is more demonic than Islam, a spirit of lawlessness and anarchy.

At the time, a source told Mail Online that the duo 'have been on multiple dates together', hinting that they were an item.

And the Pineapple Express star continued to confirm the romance reports when he attended the San Sebastian Film Festival with the pretty brunette as he picked up the coveted Best Film Award for The Disaster Artist. ] ‘Four months.' Proud: The Pineapple Express star continued to confirm the romance reports when he attended the San Sebastian Film Festival with the pretty brunette as he picked up the coveted Best Film Award for The Disaster Artist The insight into his romantic life comes after he candidly opened up to GQ Australia in August about suffering a breakdown last November, contributing it to the lack of love in his life.'I really had a moment of crisis. 'It was a gradual thing.''I hadn't been in a relationship in a long time and was like, realising how much I was running from feelings and people.

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