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This kind of shit is part of why I don't date in the normal sense anymore.

The other reason is that I don't care for monogamy.

That's just a deal breaker, that kind of hypocrisy, at least for me.

Maybe I just shouldn't be Catholic, but I didn't see any other religions being much better.

Admittedly, we had received an offer of a leverage buyout by a much larger firm, which would double each of our net assets, so that was perhaps worthy of celebration, assuming that we took the deal.

I knew that I was sorely tempted, as it would mean that while I would still work for now, I would never really have to work again.

I've realized that life's too short to turn away companionship, to refuse sexual advances because you're somehow tied down to one girl.

I figured that I would just go home and rub one out, or else go to the bar or something and try to get laid.

Which means that, if my mother ever got her way, I'd be married and tied down to a good Catholic girl of some stripe, preferably Italian like me, and then I'd be expected to be faithful to her.

Worse, even if I was, and then she was unfaithful to me, I'd be expected not to divorce her in spite of that!

Anyway, so here I am, happy bachelor that I am, invited over to eat supper, a home-cooked meal that I didn't make for once (yes, I can cook, but, hey, I'm Italian and I've lived as a bachelor enough years that takeout, TV dinners, and canned goods become a little much after a while).

It was a Saturday, so I already got my personal errands out of the way, and frankly, they weren't all that many or stressful.

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