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It's an easy plot to invent on your own, and Plautus had written something similar in the "Menaechmi".

In 1602, a John Manningham noted that he saw a play called "Twelfth Night" performed in February 1602, at Middle Temple.When she falls in love for "Cesario", she is very concerned about losing her composure, but can't control herself.: Olivia's jester, a comedian-singer who used to entertain Olivia's father."At our feast wee had a play called 'Twelve Night, or What You Will', much like the Comedy of Errores, or Menechmi in Plautus, but most like and neere to that in Italian called Inganni." If you are interested in Shakespeare's plot sources, you can start with a book by one Barnabe Riche ("Riche His Farewell to Military Profession"), written in 1581.It contains a story called "Apollonius and Silla" with a plot similar to "Twelfth Night".

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