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The dispute blew up into full scale war after Argentina invaded the islands in 1982.

Last month, officials in the Falklands' capital, Stanley, were sent a purchase order from the Home Office, addressed to “Falkland Island Government, The Treasury, Stanley, Falkland Islands (Malvinas).”This is a sensitive issue to the islanders, because calling the islands ‘Malvinas’ could imply that they really do belong to Argentina, although they have been inhabited by British settlers and their descendants since 1833.

Home Office officials have been given a dressing down by their colleagues in the Foreign Office for sending a purchase order to the government of the Falkland Islands and addressing it to the ‘Malvinas’.

Malvinas is the name by which the islands are known in Argentina, whose government has been in dispute with the UK for decades over whose islands they are.

The Labour Party has just welcomed John Prescott, former deputy PM to Tony Blair, into its electoral campaign.

We note that John Prescott, writing in an article recently published in The Mirror, agrees with us in condemning the British government’s double standards in foreign policy.

The interventions of these MPs are a clear reflection of the fact that there currently exist different views on the Malvinas Question in the UK.

This was a perfect demonstration of how the media can construct a fiction.Except they live on the Falklands, were granted a referendum and they’re white.In total, since 1982 we’ll have spent more than £1bn maintaining those 2,000 islanders, £500,000 each.” We know that during election time politicians identify areas that are sensitive to public opinion.Their complaint was taken up by the Labour MP Tommy Docherty, who previously complained when the Department for Business also dispatched an invoice addressed to ‘Malvinas.’ He was promised that they would not do it again.After tabling a written question in Parliament to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, Mr Docherty was told by the Foreign Office minister Hugo Swire: “FCO officials have been in contact with the Home Office to remind them of the appropriate terminology for the Falkland Islands.

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