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You may find yourself questioning some longheld beliefs, or find your inner voice speaking up in a way you can’t ignore (even if you want to!) In order to best prepare for the eclipse, you have to open your heart, open your mind, and open your intentions to its power.) is key for tuning into your deepest erotic desires.The more familiar you are with your most delicious fantasies, the more you’ll be able to manifest them in real life.

Spending time getting in tune with your bod, either via self-massage or something a little more risque (like a crystal bedroom toy!

If you’re feeling happy, settled, and in love, now’s a great time to start talking next steps and future commitments.

But if you’re feeling cagey, restless, or confused, it’s a good time to listen to those feelings and ask yourself: Where is your intuition leading you?

But only if you promote your line and make a success we all share the profits! Pay-per-click search engines can be as low as one cent per visitor! There are literally hundreds of places on the web offering free classifieds. Newspaper advertising start around for a circulation of 60,000 readers. Look in the back of magazines, newspapers, journals, and what do you see? Do you think they would continually spend that kind of money if they weren't getting any kind of response?

But if you still don't believe that the 900 number industry is the easies, and most promising and rewarding business to be in right now, take a look at what a few of our "formerly skeptical" clients had to say about us...

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We do all the work, and all you do is get your number and advertise it like crazy. Your results can vary either higher or lower based on your advertising and promotional efforts. Now, that's a gigantic extra revenue for anyone, I'm sure you agree.

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  1. The implication Kleisner draws is that the study participants, "accurately assessed intelligence from faces of men based on visual cues that simply are not explicable from shape variability in men's faces." Weird.