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While other girls are busy weighing themselves every day, a girl who lifts enjoys adding on those extra pounds -- of muscle that is!

Weight lifters seek to achieve results that surpass fitting into a pair of skinny jeans, they strive for the toned look that can only be achieved by mixing in strength training.

But truth be told, I have no idea nor do I have some amazing insight or clairvoyance into the world of women powerlifters that gives me the credentials to help you, the male powerlifter, ‘see the light’ and understand more when it comes to women powerlifters.They understand being fit is a lifestyle, not a crash diet.This girl (literally and figuratively) will always rise above the rest.There are no ridiculous emotional barriers you must work on getting through, you both know there are much more important aspects to focus on.She's just as focused on working on her body as she is on working on the relationship.

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It's beyond difficult to find a girl who can not only handle her own issues, but another person's as well.

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