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The album features guest appearances from noted electronic music producer Brian Eno and Wu-Tang Clan producer and rapper RZA, and Chance The Rapper and further developed the song-based R&B work of his previous releases.

On 14 April 2016, Blake revealed during a surprise hosting spot on BBC Radio 1 that he'd finished the album, and that it was 18 tracks in length.

and on his self-titled debut, which featured popular reinterpretations of work from Joni Mitchell, Feist and his own father, but at no other point has Blake unpacked and deconstructed the myriad feelings and facets behind love as deeply as he does on , his incredibly expansive third record.

Blake's music and lyrics here speak to a deteriorating romantic relationship, which can also be gleaned from the illustrated cover, which depicts a woman ensnared amongst the gnarled branches of a tree.

From that point forward, uplifting moments within "Two Men Down," "Modern Soul" and "Always" part the clouds for "Meet You in the Maze," an a cappella of self-reflection in which he realizes that "music can't be everything." From its weighty subject matter to its incredibly nuanced production, is not only Blake at his best, but also his most personal.

Blake's expanded his both his heart and his process here, making music with others outside of his laptop to demonstrate the growth that had led to this brilliant, fulfilling work.

The London darkness is most dominant in the record's first half, established with the circular verse/chorus structure of "Radio Silence." Blake's emotionally loaded, sometimes repetitive lyrics — "I can't believe this / You don't want to see me," and "But in my heart / There's a radio silence going on" — might fall on some weary ears, but they'll remain effective mantras for others, their importance and meaning only amplified by the layered instrumentation rising and falling around them.He also co-wrote the album's opening track, "Pray You Catch Me".On 28 April, social media posts by Blake and his label, 1–800 Dinosaur, reposted photos of a mural by children's novel illustrator Sir Quentin Blake (best known for his work with writer Roald Dahl) that hinted at the new album title The Colour in Anything; On his acclaimed trio of 2010 EPs (The Bells Sketch, CMYK, and Klavierwerke), Blake's own voice is obscured or processed in favor of vocal samples from '90s R&B, prominent sub-bass frequencies, and minimal, jittery rhythms.Later that year, Blake released both the Enough Thunder and Love What Happened Here EPs in 2011.These EPs, noticeably more structured than his previous releases, featured R&B-tinged work as opposed to the experimental electronic style found on CMYK.

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These included "Deeds", "Olivia Kept", and "Evening Fell Hard for Us".

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