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However, I notice when one starts with what one believes to be the prophetic date and then makes all their data conform to fit that date it will come out to the date they want it to come out. We can see that by world events but when you are tossing out your precise theory of when Jesus will return or reading someone else’s profound theories on that date, you might not sell the farm quite yet. Was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem more than a place of worship?Was it, indeed, a roadmap to future events – a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery?I have not read the book so I cannot comment on the details in it but I surmise that after the scholars critique the book it will fittingly join with the Bible code.

This is why those that give doctoral theses also have to give a defense of their thesis.Before it is even officially released, Flynn’s book is causing a sensation in some circles where it is being compared to “The Bible Code.” Today Sept 17th I am adding the following information because some are saying that Flynn never implied a set date for the end of the world.Obviously Word Net Daily is hyping the 2012-2013 date in order to sell this book.The following quote was taken from the article posted on WND today.The belief that world will end in 2012-2013 is prophetically preposterous.

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Why should any Christian believe they contain truth?

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