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Robbie Lane and The Disciples were one of Toronto's top bands, and now, decades later, Robbie Lane continues the rock’n'roll tradition – he plays the clubs on weekends, and hosts two hours of great oldies you just won’t hear anywhere else – ‘The...The British Invasion will proudly feature the terrific acts that came out of England with Cliff Richard in the late 50s, through the glory days of Merseybeat and Beatlemania, with countless groups and singers from The Pacemakers, Animals, Searchers... Start your day with the peppy, hilarious, fun-loving Happy Gang!From jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday; swing pioneers like Benny Goodman; larger-than-life personalities from...After your hard day at work, while enduring the creeping dullness of your return commute, relax and recharge with Afternoon Express.

This is the programme where we play country's biggest hits.

Below is Talk Radio 790 KABC’s newly-announced schedule: 5AM – 9AM: “Mc Intyre in the Morning with Terri-Rae Elmer” 9AM –12PM: “Judge Cristina Live @ 9” launches with the Emmy-Award winner as host 12PM – 3PM: “Dr.

Drew Mid-day Live with Mike Catherwood” launches, featuring the popular team from radio’s “Loveline” 3PM – 6PM: “The Drive Home with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips” Peter Tilden and Mark Levin continue in their 9pm to Midnight and 6pm to 9pm shows.

Toronto’s best-known historian, author, Sunday SUN columnist and tour guide, Mike Filey has a thousand stories about the city’s past, and he tells us about some of them every Sunday at noon; alongside some great music to match those stories with host...

The late broadcasting legend Earl Warren hosted Sunday mornings with a unique blend of warmth, humour, charm and charity.

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