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It is as impossible to convince a fractally wrong person of anything as it is to walk around the edge of the Mandelbrot set in finite time. Omu` se plange, cere iertare,implora…si i se spune:-Bine ma ,ai 2 variante: iad normal sau iad studentesc. Avocatul: Are aparitia dumneavoastra aici vreo legatura cu Nota de Dispozitie pe care am trimis-o avocatului dumneavoastra? Avocatul: Toate raspunsurile dumneavoastra trebuie sa fie orale. Urmatoarea a fost Maria care incepuse sa povestesca:- Si noi suntem fermieri. Intr-o zi s-a dus la taica-sau si l-a intrebat:- Tata ,eu ce sunt, evreu sau tzigan?

Debating with a person who is fractally wrong leads to infinite regress, as every refutation you make of that person's opinions will lead to a rejoinder, full of half-truths, leaps of logic, and outright lies, that requires just as much refutation to debunk as the first one. De acolo i se spune:- Ai fost un pacatos, in iad cu tine. Martorul: In afara de cazul in care era vreun Circ in oras, as merge pe varianta barbat. If she says, ' That's the strangest pair of balls I ever saw', you hit her head with the shovel.' Rachela pe patul de moarte: - Itzic, trebuie să-ti mărturisesc ceva. Morala povestirii este sa nu iti pui niciodata toate ouale intr-un singur cos.- Foarte bine, spuse profesoara.

A : Liquid (UPSC 33Rank )Perle culese de la Academia Trupelor de Uscat - SIBIU1992-1996Sa nu mai prind picior de student cu mainile inbuzunare! Ei si asa m-am insurat si viata mea s-a schimbat radical. Unfortunately, the only real treatment would be castration. Good little boys save it until they're married." Years later, when Johnny finally got married, his new wife asked, "John, what's in these 18 mayonnaise jars? Good little boys save it until they're married." Years later, when Johnny finally got married, his new wife asked, "John, what's in these 18 mayonnaise jars? "Oh yes, please."The tailor then said "if you'd like, I can also custom order you some size 34 silk boxers."The man grinned. I wear size 32 briefs."The tailor looked at him accusingly. Avocatul: Doctore, inainte sa faci autopsia, ai cautat sa vezi daca mai avea puls? The doctor said, ' Well, you need three things. A doua zi, in ora respectiva, Cristian a dat urmatorul exemplu:- Tatal meu este fermier si crestem gaini. "The tailor looks at him drily "my family have been tailors for six generations. We have some nice size 12 Louis Vuittons that just came in."The man's excited. A young man was planning to get married and asked his doctor how he could tell if his bride is a virgin. " O profesoara a cerut clasei sale de elevi sa isi intrebe fiecare parintii care este cea mai relevanta poveste a familiei sale si care are o morala la sfarsit, iar apoi urmand ca a doua zi fiecare dintre ei sa spuna povestea in clasa.Varciu si Vandici vor prezenta emisiunea "O iubire de-o vara", la Kanal DIeri, cu mai bine de doua saptamani pana la startul emisiunii lor de vara, Varciu si frumoasa Ilinca Vandici si-au dat intalnire la piscina Militari Residence din Bucuresti, locul de unde vor transmite "O iubire de-o vara".Desi sunt firi diferite, Liviu si Ilinca formeaza cuplul perfect Ei au participat impreuna la o sedinta foto care a fost la un pas sa se transforme intr-o veselie generala, gata, gata, sa contamineze toate persoanele prezente.

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