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Albania has refused a US request to be the location that hosts the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, dealing a blow to a US-Russian accord to eliminate arms from the country's protracted civil war.

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But I’d caution people against having a revolving door of romantic interests in their children’s lives.

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What’s more, a lot of the content is completely free. The site is most full of models who are unattractive, unprofessional...

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All rights reserved --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. but when I am going to bed, I can't read anything that is too plot driven. So I've started reading interviews with people, or autobiographies, since I already know whats going to happen for them. It's a great way to get perspective in many different ways about celebrities or icons, and truly view them as fellow humans. But I believe that can be fixed by finding the interview in the archives.

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To raise buzz and awareness for the theatrical release of The Transporter Refueled, Playboy developed a truly integrated campaign that centered around a press screening and exclusive release party at the Playboy Mansion.